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 The Kitchen Smells of Flowers

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The Kitchen Smells of Flowers Empty
PostSubject: The Kitchen Smells of Flowers   The Kitchen Smells of Flowers EmptyTue Oct 18, 2016 10:27 pm

(NOTE, THIS IS A CLOSED RP! but feel free to read it!!)

Hana huffed a little as she walked the distance from her tiny apartment to Kodon academy. The huge school loomed abover the town and she saw it most days. While it had seemed to close, the walk there was getting a bit tiring for her. Her shoe had broken so she was walking bare foot now. Hana didnt mind that so much, because her feet were paws, however the cold of the cobblestones bit into her soft pads as she walked. Hana blocked out the pain and made it to the gate where she had to rest for a few seconds.

After regaining her composure she headed in.

For a bit she was lost, but found her way to the cafeteria. She asked a student where she could find the person in charge of the food and they pointed towards the kitchen. She took a deep breath and went in
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The Kitchen Smells of Flowers
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