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 Basic Forum Rules!

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Basic Forum Rules! Empty
PostSubject: Basic Forum Rules!   Basic Forum Rules! EmptyTue Oct 11, 2016 12:02 pm

Welcome to the Kuriyama roleplay forum! If you are a member of our deviantART group, you may be looking forward using it. Please read the following guide so you can begin!
Make your account!

Make an account here, using your deviantART username. Then please go to your profile and add a link to your player application in dA, then feel free to fill in anything else in it you want.
Use the threads accordingly!

Whatever happens in these roleplays will be canon for the story of Kuriyama. Please treat the threads seriously, in character, respecting power levels and school rules, using prose writting, aware of the consequences of your characters actions and not godmodding. No spamming either!
Follow Kuriyama rules!

Our same rules of respect, censorship and conduct (that you should already know from our deivantART) will be followed here too. In case your rp doesn't follow them, please keep it in a private chat! and if someone breaks rules or makes you uncomfortable, please tell the administration.
Start playing!

If you have understood this, please go to the according thread and start a new topic or join someone elses!
Keep an eye out for announcements!

Events and missions will also be announced here!
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Basic Forum Rules!
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