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 jeepers reapers

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PostSubject: Re: jeepers reapers   Tue Oct 18, 2016 8:07 am

Without rising from the ground, Rosun rested his chin on his hand, already adjusting to the firm surface.

His eyes darted around the wacky Reapers, but failed to located his scythe, although Rosun wondered why one of them seemed livid and was eager for a fight. He raised his free hand. "Question, Master Roanoke," he said, "are there specific ways to defeat these enemies?"
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PostSubject: Re: jeepers reapers   Tue Oct 18, 2016 3:39 pm

It only took a shoulder pat from Auburn for LJ to calm down. She sighed and glared towards Rosun before folding her scythe back to a staff.
"I'll make sure to cause your legal murder as painfully and soon as possible." She said not caring if Rosun was paying attention, before flipping her hair and looking at her teacher, explaining the things she had already read many times before in books, though she understood that will all the newbies there, teaching them something would be the least Roanoke should do. Gadiels arrival both bugged her and relaxed her. She wasn't particularly fond of his emotional personality, but he was a respectable reaper and a responsible assistant after all. She looked back at all the students she hadn't met yet and, after checking she didn't sense any other souls near, started walking towards Kalin.
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PostSubject: Re: jeepers reapers   Wed Oct 26, 2016 1:59 pm

Roanoke leaned back and allowed Gadiel to answer any further questions.

Gadiel smiled sheepishly and gave a small wave to Xun, hoping he would acknowledge his existence.

"Your question, Rosun," Gadiel replied, "is simple enough to answer. Do not act surprised, I have already learned all of your names from Usagi, since you are my class after all." The boy cleared his throat. "Our scythes are designed to "eat" the energy from these negative souls. The power is stored in them, and we can release this power to defeat even more of these creatures. We use our own chi to bind the souls to the scythes.

"Martial Artists are another class, so be it they are on a higher level, that can defeat these negatives. Martial Artists battle with chi. However it is less efficient and extremely dangerous to potential positives that could get caught in their blasts of energy."

"Once a Positive is destroyed, they are gone," Himei interjected.
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PostSubject: Re: jeepers reapers   Sun Dec 11, 2016 10:38 am

It was not long after this everyday-normal-type-class-meeting when kodons youngest reaper arrived. She was ten years old and had one res eye and one blue. Her hair was a long messy braid and cat scratches often dawned her face. She wore a collared shirt and tie with a sweater vest and skirt and combat boots. But her favorite article of clothing was the hat that had once belonged to her brother. Unfortunately the young girl always remembered Redrum as something he was not.
Absence was excited for class, she had already met LJ and Gadiel but not master Roa.
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PostSubject: Re: jeepers reapers   

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jeepers reapers
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